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Data management in the development of autonomous driving functions

The role of the suppliers is changing. They are showing themselves as system suppliers who not only work for the car manufacturers, but can also give them with new know-how a helping hand on a large scale.

We hear more and more about the use of artificial intelligence (AI), especially in autonomous driving. But what is it actually?

There is currently a lot of movement around the topic of 'software oriented vehicle', parallel approaches and different cooperations. Software is becoming a core competence. The topic of the OS - operating system plays a particularly central role here.

There is still a long way using in-vehicle data. Not only is the number and scope of data points currently still very limited, also the access and use is another major obstacle due to the missing standards.

The transformation of the electronic vehicle architectures with the entry of high performance computers (HPC) and thus increasingly software-based systems in the car new challenges also arise for the diagnostic procedures.

How the automotive industry is positioned globally in the most important future fields of connectivity, autonomous driving and interfaces in 2022 - and what is still lacking ?

The S-OTP (secure on-board telematics platform) is still under discussion. Although it has lost some ground next to the Data Act approach presented in February 2022 by the EU Commission, it should still be known as an alternative solution.

Overall, the topic of electromobility is clearly gaining momentum. This disruptive topic dominates the market with many aspects and effects for us and our customers.

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