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ADAXO (Automotive Data Access Extended and Open): The German automotive industry (VDA) has concretised its plans on how it wants to collect data in its sold vehicles in the future and sell it to third parties such as insurance companies or garages - as well as to author

Is V2G technology a chance to decarbonise the transport sector?

5G refers to the network of the fifth mobile phone generation and is thus the direct successor to LTE or Advanced LTE (4G) and UMTS (3G). The standard will change many things thanks to much faster data transmission, real-time communication, increased networking in the

Are electric engines better than combustion engines? Find a comparison .......

The S-OTP (secure on-board telematics platform) is still under discussion. Although it has lost some ground next to the Data Act approach presented in February 2022 by the EU Commission, it should still be known as an alternative solution.

Belongs the future to the subscription models? More and more vehicle manufacturers are offering subscription models for additional vehicle functions.

Is a classic online store for pure spare parts and service sales already enough to be found by customers online? Or what role can digital platforms playing in aftersales ?

How the automotive industry is positioned globally in the most important future fields of connectivity, autonomous driving and interfaces in 2022 - and what is still lacking ?

The role of the suppliers is changing. They are showing themselves as system suppliers who not only work for the car manufacturers, but can also give them with new know-how a helping hand on a large scale.

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