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ADAXO (Automotive Data Access Extended and Open): The German automotive industry (VDA) has concretised its plans on how it wants to collect data in its sold vehicles in the future and sell it to third parties such as insurance companies or garages - as well as to author

5G refers to the network of the fifth mobile phone generation and is thus the direct successor to LTE or Advanced LTE (4G) and UMTS (3G). The standard will change many things thanks to much faster data transmission, real-time communication, increased networking in the

Is V2G technology a chance to decarbonise the transport sector?

Are electric engines better than combustion engines? Find a comparison .......

Recent new breakthroughs in the field of AI have the potential to drastically change the way we approach content creation.

CARUSO* conducted another field test (October 2021- March 2022) with the aim of testing online data availability. OEM portals where use for the data retrieval. Overall, the results were very sobering.

The Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI) Ecosystem was created by the Data Task Force members for the exchange of data and information under the terms and conditions of the Multi Party Agreement and thus creating a trust domain for that exchange.

Mercedes is the first car manufacturer in the world to offer an approved Level 3 system - and is thus also liable for accidents involving the virtual driver. By the end of 2022, the Level 3 Drive Pilot is to be allowed on the road in California and Nevada.

The classic decentralized approach to the automotive E/E architecture no longer meets the needs of today's, increasing electrification of vehicle. More new functions led to more ECUs.

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