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Belongs the future to the subscription models? More and more vehicle manufacturers are offering subscription models for additional vehicle functions.

Is a classic online store for pure spare parts and service sales already enough to be found by customers online? Or what role can digital platforms playing in aftersales ?

The role of the suppliers is changing. They are showing themselves as system suppliers who not only work for the car manufacturers, but can also give them with new know-how a helping hand on a large scale.

Massive investments in e-cars leads up to $. What are the plans and strategies?

Digitalization in Aftersales - New Horizons for Vehicle Services a presentation from Arnd Franz CEO LKQ

This interesting talk, presented at a FIGIEFA members meeting by Roland Berger and at the Clepa annual meeting 2022. Roland Berger takes the approach that there are five to-do's for the path to data monetization and describes them at the end of the presentation.

Startup declares war on Google Digital services will become the unique selling point in cars in the future.

CARUSO* conducted another field test (October 2021- March 2022) with the aim of testing online data availability. OEM portals where use for the data retrieval. Overall, the results were very sobering.

Based on the mega-trends: 'sharing mobility', 'autonomous driving', 'connected cars' and 'electric vehicles' the future of mobility is being decided today, with far-reaching implications for us all.

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