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About Carmunication

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Our Narrative

Understanding and managing the data is the main stake of the coming years.

Connected cars, autonomous cars, Electrical Vehicles, digitalization of the entire automotive industry, data management will become the gold standard and will structure the market, as a growing source of revenues.

In the meantime, in the aftermarket, nobody exactly knows how to handle it, how to protect a business or ensure its growth thanks to the data. We are at the early stage of the journey, trying to find the right direction in the “jungle”.

Cars are becoming “computers on wheels”, with 2 main dedicated types of data: the car technical data, and the geolocalization to provide ads and services to the driver, or data of the driver preferences for external data bases sellers.

On the market today, there are 2 different categories: those who makes direct profits out of the data management, and those who are enlightening the path, to help and protect businesses in this data jungle.

Carmunication is in the second category, acts as the data lighthouse.

Our Mission

Carmunication is an association that unifys the entire data supply chain of the automotive aftermarket industry, to help them to protect their businesses and pull new growth from the data management.

Carmunication provides expertise & an independent platform to support members with automotive data challenges

Reason to believe:

Suppliers, buying groups, distributors, workshops, composed the experts base of Carmunication to act as the data lighthouse.

Thanks to its community and a collaborative method, Carmunication offers an independent vision to help its members to better respond to the stakes, protect their businesses by mitigating the risks, and pull new revenues by providing recommendations on how to benefit from the data management revolution.

Carmunication, The Data Lighthouse, is a decision management tool, that draws prospective, explains where the market is going, and how to better anticipate.



We believe strongly in equal opportunities for everyone so every member has the same level of influence. Our voting structure prevents imbalances among our members and avoids conflicts of interest.

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Carmunication is an association that solely serves the interests of its members and is not profit-oriented. Due to this structure, we allow every member to have the same amount of leverage regarding the direction that the association is moving into. Our internal groups are open to any member that has an interest in shaping the direction of Carmunication.


Political voice

We are the voice for all independent parties in the automotive sector. As a neutral association we help shape future legislation on access to live vehicle data.

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To achieve this goal, we represent the members of Carmunication on the FIGIEFA board. FIGIEFA is the federation and political representation of independent wholesalers and retailers of automotive spare parts in the EU. Together with other representatives of the automotive industry within AFCAR, mobility service providers, insurers, motorists, consumers and SME representatives such as ADPA, CECRA and EGEA, FIGIEFA is the political voice of the independent aftermarket.



We don’t believe in isolation. Every party that shares our vision and beliefs is welcome to join us. In fact, we are certain that collaboration across all stakeholders is the only option moving forward.

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Our members come from many different branches and thus have different wants and needs. We have members from the automotive industry, automotive trade, parts catalogue providers, technical data providers and telematics providers. Connect with other members here.


Knowledge sharing

We actively support our members in finding the right solutions for their business. Our strong network facilitates the exchange of best-practices and lessons learned at eye-level so everyone can benefit.

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We facilitate the development of real-world working examples that incorporate live vehicle data to facilitate the needs of our members. Carmunication helps its members by coordinating the different parties that are involved in these projects. This way Carmunication helps to increase the understanding among its members on what is possible and what the benefits can be when working with live vehicle data today.

Furthermore, we regularly organize webinars on the latest topics with relevance for the independent automotive aftermarket. These range from political topics surrounding the access to live vehicle data to concrete use cases that are already possible or in development.



We bring like-minded people together and have built a community of industry experts to facilitate the exchange of experiences and opinions on automotive challenges. This way we help our members expand their network.

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We have at least two association-wide meetings per year and our Advisory Board gets together every 2-3 months to discuss the future direction. Besides the regular tasks of the association meetings, we always include an open part for non-members to get to know Carmunication as an association as well as our members. During this open part we present topics that are relevant for the independent aftermarket. This way we help getting relevant players together so that companies cooperate with each other.



Our association has several different teams that are open to any member and focus on the key areas of activity for Carmunication.

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In order to be efficient in a variety of different fields, Carmunication has several teams that work on multiple subjects. There are teams for the technical aspects, for OE data and relations as well as a communication team that is the voice of Carmunication to the outside. These teams meet regularly to coordinate the next steps that should be taken and how to do so.

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