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More than 1.2 billion dollars for development and production – an overview


OEM investments in new vehicle technologies

One of the biggest themes in the automotive industry has been the constant transformation away from the internal combustion engine to alternative drives and e-mobility. While Tesla created the entry point in 2008 as the first mass-produced electric vehicle with the Roadster, almost every car manufacturers now also turned to this innovation, not only with the global issue of climate change. Since these projects began, many billions of dollars have already been poured into development, but who is investing how much and for what?
As things stand, the leading car manufacturers for BEVs, such as Tesla, VW, Mercedes, etc., are planning to invest a total of around 1.2 billion dollars in the development and production of new electric cars, as well as increasingly powerful batteries, by 2030. This also sets the target of producing 54 million e-vehicles in 2030.


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