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contextual and intelligent marketing – a digital business model


Startup declares war on Google

Digital services will become the unique selling point in cars in the future. In the field of contextual and intelligent marketing, the Munich-based startup 4.screen is therefore declaring war on Google.

The idea is this:
As a driver, you spend 40 minutes in your car every day, searching for places, getting handy recommendations for breaks and discovering new places on the map.
You make decisions about where to go and what to buy. However, the information you see on the in-car screen is generic and, in most cases, hardly relevant to your individual needs.
Currently, there is no way to connect you, the driver, to the stores, restaurants, and cafes along your route to provide you with relevant content in real time.
The ads on the display are subject to a quality score that works analogously to Netflix recommendations or Google search and constantly improves based on accepted suggestions.

The 4.screen Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) seamlessly connects the car with the mobility ecosystem and provides a standardized interface for real-time communication with drivers.
Car manufacturers and mobility service providers integrate 4.screen APIs into their existing systems and applications to offer drivers a better digital driving experience.

Google as a competitor in digital services
However, the Munich-based startup’s venture is not without competition. (see also: Google becomes the visionary of the aftermarket ?)

New business model for car...

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