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Software-defined car: OEMs turning away from going it alone


The software-defined car (see : Innovation 2022 – CCI Study) of tomorrow is a joint project. Car manufacturers have now come to this conclusion. Development partnerships and the worldwide open-source community are supposed to help.
For a long time, the car industry was haunted by the idea that carmakers wanted to create the software-defined vehicle entirely on their own (see: Electric platforms of the car manufacturers – an overview). And companies like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz did a lot to establish this impression in the public eye. On closer inspection and in view of the many problems that the OEMs obviously have with software, it becomes clear that going completely alone does not work – especially from a cost point of view.

reasons are:
– massive costs building architectures
– lack of competences
– war of talents
no state of the art structures and processes

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