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Tesla: Autonomous driving function to become significantly more expensive


Tesla: Autonomous driving function soon to cost US$ 15,000

In the USA, the beta test phase for Tesla’s Full-Self-Driving function, formerly being marketed as Autopilot, is still running. In Germany, Tesla drivers can – so far – only use a limited Level Two assistance package. Since January 2022, the special equipment Full Self Driving has cost an extra 12,000 US dollars, after the equipment for autonomous driving had still demanded 7,000 US dollars until July 2020. Now Elon Musk has announced on Twitter that the feature will cost 15,000 US dollars. The price increase is to come into effect from 5 September 2022. It is still unclear whether prices will also rise in Germany.

Tesla: This is what Full-Self-Driving can do in Beta

Pic: Chuck Cook

The beta version of Full-Self-Driving can not only recognise traffic lights, but also turn onto intersections and roundabouts on its own, as well as change lanes on the motorway and drive up and down. However, the driver must always be ready to intervene and take over the wheel when the Tesla is stuck. It is not yet clear when full self-driving will have outgrown the beta stage.

So far, there is only one car manufacturer that offers a L3 semi-autonomous assistance system in mass-produced vehicles. Only Mercedes-Benz has received the necessary L3 certification from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for the Drive Pilot. The Drive Pilot can take control of the vehicle in traffic jams up to a maximum speed of 60 km/h on approved motorways and also initiate braking manoeuvres independently.

While the Drive Pilot is working, the driver can watch a film or answer emails on the central touchscreen. However, semi-autonomous driving only works when the road is dry and the temperature is above five degrees Celsius.

It is not known whether Telsa is working on a KBA-certification.

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