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New delay for in-vehicle data act expected!


Yet another delay in the process of Europe’s data-driven markets

The Independent Service Providers (ISPs) grouping have written to President von der Leyen and the relevant College of Commissioners to put an end to the repeated delays in proposing legislation on access to in-vehicle data, functions and resources.
The EU Commission has made impressive progress so far in creating the conditions for competitive digital markets in Europe. In particular, it was about and the long-promised regulation to create a level playing field in the data-driven automotive and mobility sectors for the benefit of European consumers and businesses.
The recent series of legislative measures part of the European Data Strategy addresses significant market distortions and should therefore give rise to a more vibrant and competitive European data economy that is not captive to a few dominant tech players.
Now it appears and is feared that, despite all the evidence gathered, the European automotive and mobility ecosystem may continue to fall victim to the same market distortions and barriers that the EU itself has sought to remove in the broader Internet economy.

So far, the timetable has been as follows:
December 2020
After several years of evidence gathering, the Commission presented in December 2020 in its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy a “new legal framework to open access to vehicle data for mobility services” by 2021.

June 2022
In 2022, Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager...

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