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Update Announcement


The team at Carmunication has been busy in updating and upgrading both of our platforms, Carmunication & Carmupedia for you. Find out everything that’s new below.


So what’s new?

We will split up the new features by platform for better legibility:


1) We have launched a “Free”-tier that shall act as a sneak-peak for non-members to give them a quick preview of what Carmupedia has to offer.


2) We have also added a sneak preview for articles that are otherwise only available for members. This way, non-members can get a first understanding of the content that is available in Carmupedia without being able to gather too much information.


3) Articles within Carmupedia are now classified according to the complexity level of the content. So if you’re just getting started you won’t be overwhelmed and if you’re an expert you’ll find content that suits your advanced knowledge.


4) Filters now allow you to easily sort the content to your liking, whether it’s the required knowledge level or the category that interests you most.


5) You will now find a glossary that allows you to understand the abbreviations used without having to search online or even leaving the content. Just hover over the abbreviation and you’ll see the explanation.


6) We have added a way for you to easily get in touch with us if you need support or you have a general question/suggestion into our FAQ section.
You can always of course just write to us at:


7) Last but not least: You can now export every article with a single click as PDF. There’s an “Export as PDF“-button below every article. This way you can share articles within your company quickly and easily, even to non-users.
>>>Thanks @Bas Wintjes for the great suggestion.<<<



8) The entire membership section has gotten an overhaul and is now easier to navigate, allowing you to search for files and filter via category. Documents can be viewed directly from the browser without having to download the file first.

9) Events (including General Assemblies), press releases and presentations are now integrated with Carmupedia.

carmunication members area


Check members area

Website Integration

10) In order for you to be able to navigate between our two platforms as easily as possible, we have implemented a single sign-on (SSO). This means that you can log-in to both our websites with the same log-in credentials. It doesn’t matter where you start, as soon as you go over to the other website you’ll be logged in.
  • Your initial log-in credentials are the ones you used on Carmupedia. So if you’ve used different log-in credentials before, only the ones from Carmupedia remain valid.
  • If you’d like to reset your password, click here:


Reset password

Whew, that was a lot

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are looking forward to hear what you think about these changes. Do you feel, that something is still missing? Is there anything that would help you out in your day-to-day business?
Leave us a message. We’d love to hear from you.


Written by Carmupedia Editorial Office

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