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Overview- electro mobility in figures


Electromobility – disruptive and market-dominating

Overall, the topic of electromobility is clearly gaining momentum. This disruptive topic dominates the market with many aspects and effects for us and our customers. The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation process and OEMs are now, almost without exception, focusing on the technology and investing multibillions in new platforms (see: Electric platforms of the car manufacturers – an overview or see:The change in the vehicle E/E-Architectures), software systems (e.g. OS-operating systems) and battery technology, including production factories (e.g. Telsa in brandenburg or VW wiht PowerCo in Salzgitter). Both, the total number and the number of registrations are rising sharply. Worldwide, the stock of electric vehicles has risen to more than 17.4 million and in 2021 alone, 108 % more than in 2020. More than 6.7 million e-cars were sold for the first time.The global share of EVs (BEV & PHEV) in global light vehicle sales was 8,3 % compared to 4,2 % in 2020.  Germany has a plus of 264 % – the highest growth rate worldwide. The remarkable growth rate of 108 % y/y needs to be seen relative to the low base volume of 2020.
See the summary and overview of figures, data and facts about electromobility in the Details.






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